Compensation System from Melendres Case

Awards to people whose rights were violated under the authority of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. The order is complex. Please approach it carefully. It contains preliminary instructions for how victims will make claims for compensation.


From the Order Regarding Victim Compensation issued by Judge G. Murray Snow on August 19, 2016:

"The [Maricopa County] Board of Supervisors will create a fund of $500,000 for payment of claims adjudicated in favor of claimants. In the event that amount is exhausted through the payment of claims and is insufficient to provide compensation to all successful claimants, additional claims adjudicated in favor of claimants will be honored and timely paid by the County through further allocations if necessary. If all claims adjudicated in favor of claimants are fully paid out and there remains an unspent sum in the original or any supplemental allocated funds, such amount will revert to the County… BrownGreer is designated to serve as a neutral, third-party administrator to manage the Notice and Claims Processing Plan to compensate individuals who suffered injury as a result of any violations by the MCSO of the Court’s December 23, 2011 Preliminary Injunction Order.”

The original ACLU press release is linked here and contains links to an ACLU representative, the order referring Sheriff Arpaio, et al for criminal charges, as well as Judge Snow’s compensation order.

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