Somos America 10 Year Anniversary

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, the Somos America Coalition held the Somos America 10 Year Anniversary. 

Group Photo

Some of the themes that were touched upon were: a history of the organization, the two major marches in 2006 involving respectively 24,000 and 250,000 people in Phoenix streets, the successful recall of Russell Pearce, proof of racial profiling by Joe Arpaio, the recent victory on the part of the Dreamer’s right to an AZ driver license, the need to vote in the coming election, the need for proper funding for education, recent incidents of voter suppression, and the continuing deaths of migrants in the dessert.

Nationally and internationally renowned Arizona narrator Stella Pope Duarte delighted those present with her ballad titled "Joe Arpaio meets the Virgin of Guadalupe" where Joe Arpaio arrests La Virgen de Guadalupe in the dessert and accuses her of illegal entry into the US.

The Somos America Coalition would like to thank the past leadership, our current membership, those who joined us this afternoon, and all of our supporters for the continued support as we approached this unique milestone. Seguimos adelante!



Prints are on display at the Arizona Latinos Arts & Cultural center, located at 147 East Adams Street Phoenix.

For size 8.5 x 11
$35.00 framed
$10.00 w/o frame

For size 4 x 6
$8.00 Framed
$5.00 w/o frame

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