Hate Trump's Hate Rally

Members of Somos America, or We are America, a migrant-rights group, joined politicians to denounce Trump’s message.



Somos America held a news conference on Friday June 17th outside of the state capitol. 

Anti-Trump News Conference


"Please understand that the rest of the community also has its right to get its message out in a peaceful non-violent way. Respect the dignity of our cause," said Roberto Reveles, founding president of Somos America. 

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In addition, Somos America organized the peace rally to protest Trump on Saturday, June 18th at Encanto Park.

Protest Trump Rally

 "Somos America," who put together the rally, is an organization that fights for immigrant rights. The organization's president, Manuel Hernandez, says, that's exactly what they're also doing at Encanto Park, by offering some advice for Trump.

"He aligns himself with Joe Arpaio because he basically attacks immigrants as being rapists and criminals so this is why he keeps coming back to Arizona," Hernandez explained, adding; "He needs to take some ethnics studies courses and some women's studies courses so he can learn about America being built in the past 50 years...I think that's the problem with him, he's been too busy as a business man he's not in tune with America today."

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Find videos of the event posted on Facebook event page.

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