Our Endorsements


Endorsements by the members of People Demanding Action Arizona

for the general elections, Tuesday, November 8, 2016


PDAction AZ has made two endorsements for this election cycle, both in Maricopa County.





Learn more about Adrian Fontes on his website.

Follow Adrian on Facebook to find out how you can help in this important campaign.

He was also endorsed by Our Revolution!


Join our sister organization, Progressive Democrats of America, as they phone bank for Fontes every Wednesday.






Learn more about Paul Penzone on his website.

Follow Paul on Facebook to find out how you can help!





PDAction AZ a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization and can make candidate endorsements. This important function is under the administrative management of the Vice-President, Sharon Kopina. Contact Sharon at her email, sharon@pdactionaz.org if you have any questions about endorsements.

Remember it is our members who vote on all endorsements!

Want to learn more about what a 501(c)4 can do during the election session? Follow Bolder Advocacy, an initiative with the Alliance for Justice that educates nonprofits how to legally and effectively advocate on behalf of their communities.


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